How to change the title on the blogspot blog

Sometimes when we make a blog Title not often we feel comfortable. For example I felt ga fit under the heading "Blognya BagaZzZ" then I want to replace with "Blog Business Online". To change we need to go into customisasi> settings. In the column we replace the title and filled with a title that we want.

Images to change the settings for your Title

After changing the column title with the title of Blog Business Online, the changes will appear on your blog page header.

Images in red writing is a change that has been done

After making changes on the title and then save the results will be as shown in the picture above. This title will become a kind of special badge on your blog, which is also listed in search engines.

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Eri Subakti said...

mantap blognya sob....!!

tapi kalo mau mengubah title blog pakai meta tag juga oke loh tapi great posting dech...!!

kunjungan rutin nie jadi jangan segan" berkunjung juga yach...!!

Qw klik adsnya juga dech itung" untuk betah di dunia blogging tapi gantian ya sob semua adsnya oke...!!! sekalian juga tukeran link yach n follow me jg ya di google friends connect...!!oke thx..!!

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