How do I choose foods Healthy

Who would not want to live healthy? Everyone will want to live a healthy life physically and spiritually. Towards a healthy life can be done in many ways. One of them through our diet. According to experts, the key is to consume a healthy diet with balanced nutrition. In short, we may take a variety of foods not only contain many calories but rich in nutrients. Here are 10 tips you can follow to get healthy food, but also still feels good on the tongue. 1. 40 kinds of nutrients needed to make your body stay healthy. And only one type of food intake can not provide all of this type. Food choices everyday you should include carbohydrates and grain products with others, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat, fish or foods containing other proteins. How much food should you eat should depend on the calories your body needs. 2. Consumption of whole grains Full, Fruits and Vegetables. Surveys show that most people do not consume enough of these foods. Did you already eat 6-1 servings of rice or cereal, if 3 portion of the type you eat this includes full grain? Did you already eat foods that are comprised of 2-4 servings of fruit and 3-5 servings of vegetables? If you are not enjoying this kind of food before, so from now on give yourself a chance to taste it. 3. The appropriate weight for you depends on many factors, including gender, height, age and heredity. Excess weight makes your blood pressure rises, causing liver pain, stroke, diabetes and some types of cancer or other diseases. But having a body too thin can also cause osteoporosis, menstrual imbalances and other health problems. So a very balanced weight affects health. 4. If you keep your portion sizes reasonable, it's easier to eat the foods you want so you stay healthy. Did you know rekomondasi cooked food served is 3 ounces. Medium-size fruit is one serving and one cup of pasta is equal two servings, and 4 servings of ice cream. 5. Eat regularly. Skipping meals will only make the hunger control is lost, even in fact be the result of excessive hunger. When you feel hungry, it also means that you forget about the nutrients in your food. Eating snacks between meals is the only way that can help you overcome hunger, but do not snack too much. 6.Kurangi, Not Limiting Serves Dinner. Most people eat to please yourself. If food is your favorite type of high fat, salt or sugar, the key to making first suitable.check content in your diet and change it if necessary. For adults who consume foods high in fat or whole milk products in every food they actually eat too much fat. Make the list of nutrients in the food labels to help you balance your food choices. 7. Balance your food options Every Time. Not all food must be perfect. When you eat foods high in fat, salt or sugar, select the best materials are low. If you miss these food groups in a day, fix the next day. 8. Knowing the difficulty Anda.Try to fix diet program your eating habits, first identify what is wrong with your diet. Write down everything you eat in three days, then check the list and match with these tips. Did you eat too much butter, sauce, cream or salad? From the completely eliminate it, better cut your portions. Did you feel not satisfied by eating fruit and vegetables? If not, you may miss vital nutrients in foods. 9. Make changes gradually. There was never a 'super food' or a healthy diet is easy, do not expect to immediately remove your eating habits overnight. Begin to make changes gradually to reach a positive outcome, and so healthy eating habits throughout life. To more easily, if you do not like skim milk, try low calory milk fat. In the end maybe you'll like milk without the fat. 10. Remember, Food Not A Bad Habits. Choose foods based on your total eating patterns, not based on 'good' or 'bad. " Do not feel guilty if you love foods such as pies, chips, chocolate or ice cream. Eat properly, and choose other foods to balance your nutrition and various others, are good for your health.

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