Hydrogen Energy One of The Alternative Energy

Hydrogen is one alternative source of energy that will be used As with oil substitute energy sources and natural gas or fossil fuels. After the research on alternative energy sources other is Bioethanol can be produced through biomass. On the future of about 10 - 30 years ahead will be a lot of alternative energy, we call it wind energy, solar energy, thermal energy. On post I will talk about hydrogen. Hydrogen derived from water or chemical formula H2O can be split or chemical decomposition of the term to be Hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O2) by the electrolysis method.

2H2 + O2  ->  2 H2O + energi (panas)

Electrolysis is one method for separating water into hydrogen and oxygen. Conductor electrode is used to contact with parts or non-metallic media from a circuit. Electrolyte is a substance that dissolves or breaks down into the form of ions and then the solution becomes electric conductors, ions are charged atoms electrically. Electrolyte can be water, acid, base or other form of chemical compounds. Electrolytes are generally shaped acid, alkali or salt. There have been many countries that will use hydrogen energy as one of the new energy is in town Fusina, near Venice in the Veneto region of Italy, who will plan to make a power plant with hydrogen energy by 2020. While the automotive industry one of which is Honda FCX clarity of using hydrogen as an energy fuel.

But in its use there is always a barrier that must be handled immediately. As we know that we are using fossil fuels, for decades and need to socialize prior to the ordinary people who do not know about the hydrogen. There are two obstacles to a hydrogen-economy:
  • It takes alot of volume (or energy) to store hydrogen - usually five times or so the volume, at reasonable pressures, needed to store an equivalent amount of energy with gasoline. One company that has made headway on solving this problem, however, is Dynetek.
  • There is no hydrogen infrastructure: Making the transition to a hydrogen economy might mean having to scrap the fossil fuel infrastructure that we have already developed. One company that has made progress on refueling equipment is Stuart Energy .
Both of these problems might be surmounted by using synthetic fuels. For example, it is possible, using a catalyst, to combine water, carbon dioxide (extracted from the air), and renewable electricity to make fuels such as methanol, a carbon-based fuel. When this fuel is burned, water and carbon dioxide are produced. But because the carbon dioxide used initially to make the fuel was extracted from the air, the cycle is closed with respect to both water and carbon dioxide, and so won't contribute excess carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Fuel cells can already use such fuels (either by extracting the hydrogen from the fuel prior to the fuel cell, or even directly in certain types of fuel cells). Fuel cell is an electrochemical cell that generates electricity from the fuel tank. Electricity generated by the reaction, triggering in the presence of an electrolyte, between the fuel (anode side) and oxidant (on the cathode side). Reactants flow into the cell, and the reaction products flow out of it, while the electrolyte remains within it. This fuel cell is used as fuel for cars like the Honda FCX clarity by using hydrogen to generate electrical energy, as well as generating electricity.

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