How to make the girls 'crazy' to you

The man destined to be more aggressive than girls. That is why men become more parties to pursue. But now, not a little girl who "was crazy" and slammed the guy chasing a bone. Not only in movies, soap operas, or novels, but also in real life. How can this happen to you? Here, there are 10 tricks to make the girls 'crazy' to you, which has proven its worth. This trick is extracted from various sources:
1. Honest and gentle Show that you are honest men, polite, and charming. No need much excuse for a mistake, neatly dressed and pleasant-spoken. If you could look like that, he certainly would want to close you continue.
2. Not many rate One bad habit is to assess the physical man woman. And everyone knows, nobody's perfect. Make him feel comfort when you are near you. One of them, by accepting who she is, not compared with other girls, especially with your girlfriend.
3. No binding You may like it, not afraid of losing him. But it does not mean you have to restrain or tie. Give him some space. Do not be too often "reveal" themselves. Leave him guessing, where, what and with whom you. You can grow the absence of longing within him.
4. Willing Show you are interested and enthusiastic to hear his story. Show you are willing to hear complaints and Curhatnya complaining. Do not forget to give feedback on smart humorous stories. Give alternative solutions to the problems it faces, without being patronizing.
5. Many smiles A smile is one powerful weapon in charm. Experts said, a smile is a reflection of people who always think positively. Well, there's no harm in your little sweet-faced him. It would be better if you can make her smile. With a fresh jokes, for example.
6. So the best To be the best, does not mean you have to do things out of reach. Be the best you can be . One way, with the ready to accompany him when u feel sad and happy. 7. No forcing Try to resist the urge to nyatain love. You must be a little patient. You may call her, but not too often. Try also to not too often flirting. Try to just talk about important things every time u call her. 8. Sell a little expensive
This is another form of 7 points. Although the girls do know you like it, but try to not serve what he wants. Pretending to ignore if you're nearby. Let him guessing Girls are fond of something that is mysterious, you know. That is why many girls who become the author of spicy tales of adventure and mystery, like Agatha Christie or Enid Blyton. Make him like that. How? Do not just open up. Tell me just a little bit about yourself. This will make him more curious and not get bored quickly. Let your curiosity continues to grow. That way, he'll try to get to know you more and more. Do not be too familiar Many men who can only be a friend of a girl he likes. One reason for the girls felt their relationship was too close, so much better to be friends only. Well, if you really liked a girl, should not be too familiar first.
It is not easy to do things  above (except me) he he:), but for me that no  possible if we want to strive to make ourselves as already mentioned above. It required hard work ( kerja keras ) for men who want to pursued by women, especially if we have the same feelings with her Hmmm ..., For what? Because hard work is our energy ( kerja keras adalah energi kita ) ..
Good practice and enjoy the catch-up after she wekekek; D. ..... I better go away .. CauW

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goblogstrezman said...

be your self itu kuncinya...
ingat...gak bisa dapet cewek tanpa kerja keras mengejarnya... sesuai tuh sma yag di ijo ijo... "kerja kera adalah energi kita" ...

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Indonesia Java International Destination said...

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