History and Development of Facebook

Your virtual world surfers are often explore one of the sites to other sites would not forget to hang out or at least just stop by one of the sites again today rocketed. What site? Yes, of course facebook site! Currently anyone who did not know him? Certainly a literate person and never surf the site would know this one. Even those who used to only surf to simply open the email now began to linger at home in front of the computer to change settings on her Facebook account.

But do you know that Facebook was once just a site devoted exclusively to children's course at Harvard campus? Then you know you were the creator of this site have sued in court on charges of plagiarism and intellectual rights of source code from another company? Also have a site Facebook really a twin?

So, for those interested in knowing more specifics over the next facebook will be presented a piece of the story of its history.

History and Development

The origin of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg started when (the time the second semester student at Harvard University) made a site partner contact for campus counterparts. Zuckerberg is inspired from the site called Hot or Not Facemash.com homemade site. This site method of display two pictures couples (man and woman), in which the next two couples will be chosen by the members of the site where the couple the most "hot". Well, to display photos of the couple on this site, Zuckerberg seeks by all means look for pictures of his way around the 'door-to-door' to ask for pictures.

Zuckerberg broke into the campus computer network access to obtain additional photographs. However, this action known to the campus and then block them Facemash.com site followed by actions to Zuckerberg sanctions with the threat of fire from the campus (although the threat is not to be realized). His actions were, Zuckerberg defended himself by saying "The action of blocking the campus site facemash.com true reason, but unfortunately they do not realize their potential that could be a tool for campus popularity booster itself". He continued "Sooner or later, there will also be others who make similar sites".


Not sour, in the following semester, to be exact on February 4, 2004, Zuckerberg created a new site called "The Facebook" which address URL: http://www.thefacebook.com. For this new site, Zuckerberg commented sarcasm: "I think the campus efforts to create a medium of exchange of information between academic civitas that takes many years is a ridiculous thing. With this Website, I can do it just in a week only "

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When you first launched "The Facebook" is limited in the Harvard campus alone. And

really amazing! Within one month of its users already covers more than half the number of students at Harvard at the time. Furthermore, a number of colleagues joined Zuckerberg to strengthen thefacebook.com team. They are Eduardo Saverin (business analyst), Dustin Moskovitz (programmer), Andrew McCollum (graphic designer), and Chris Hughes.

In March 2004, thefacebook.com began sweeping several other campuses in the city of Boston, USA and also to a number of prominent campus like Stanford, Columbia, Yale, and the Ivy League. Did not take long, this site has spread its use in almost every campus in the U.S. and Canada. In June 2004, Zuckerberg, McCollum and Moskovitz moved the headquarters to Palo Alto, California. Here they share also assisted by Adam D'Angelo and Sean Parker.

Mid-2004, thefacebook.com got his first investment from PayPal cofounder, Pieter Thiel.


In May 2005, thefacebook.com a fresh injection of funds joint venture with Accel Partners. Dated August 23, 2005, officially thefacebook buy their domain names from Aboutface.com for EUR 200,000 and since then a fragment of the phrase "the" is not used anymore, so their name officially became facebook.com.

In the year 2005 is also, facebook has expanded the range of users to the high school students. Still in the same year, a number of universities in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand can also enjoy the Facebook network.


Beginning in 2006, Facebook was rumored to be acquired by a company with a price of USD 750 million, and even offer jumped to $ 2 billion. But this news was confirmed. In April 2006, Facebook received an injection of fresh funds of USD 25 million investment from Peter Thiel, Greylock Partners, and Meritech Capital Partners. In May the same year Facebook started reaching Asia through the Indian subcontinent. In the mid-year, gilliran Israel and Germany. Finally on September 11, 2006, Facebook changed the status of registration to be "free to join" to all owners of valid email addresses around the world.


In September 2007, Microsoft announced that it has bought 1.6% stake in Facebook worth USD 15 billion. In making this stock are also covered by the agreement that Microsoft has the right to place their ads on Facebook. Seeing this step a number of other giant players such as Google, Viacom, Friendster also expressed their interest to invest in Facebook. Earlier in the year 2006, Yahoo! has offered acquisition bid worth USD 1 billion. November 2007, a Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing invested $ 60 million worth of Facebook.


In August 2008, Business Week magazine reported that some other parties have joined the Facebook stake invested so estimated values ranging Facebook USD 3.75 billion to USD 5 billion

Site Situation

Facebook users can now freely join the many networks that are governed by city, location of work, school and state. These networks will then connect its members. Fellow users can connect with friends and can see the contents of each individual profile.

Facebook site to get the main revenue from ads attached to him. The user is free to make a profile of each of which can contain info, photos and other personal info. Moreover, it can also send messages to each other, joined with a group or more. By default, the Facebook user profile settings can only be accessed by other users who have been friends. However, this setting can be changed later if desired.

Microsoft is the exclusive partner for Facebook in the running banner ads. This is why Facebook menayang only ads that are contained in the Microsoft network. According to comScore (site internet marketing researcher) currently gathering Facebook user data collected by many as Google and Microsoft.

In terms of view, Facebook is often compared to MySpace and Friendster. But the main difference between them is that MySpace and Friendster allow users to decorate their profile display with HTML and CSS features, while Facebook only allows text-only feature so that all user profiles display a uniform look.


Facebook has some features of interaction between the members of these users is a feature of 'Wall / Wall', a space where users send each other messages open, 'Poke / dab', means to peck each other virtually, 'Photos / Photo' space to install photographs, and 'Status' showing the condition / current user's ideas. Began in July 2007, Facebook allows users to send various attachments (links, applications, etc.) directly to the Wall / Wall, where before it was allowed only the text.

Over time, Facebook adds some new features to the site. In September 2006, Facebook announced the launch of News Feed / circuit containing news news flash information from each user. At first, this feature is open and can be viewed by anyone. But after receiving complaints from some users, the Facebook change the settings of these features so that users can now set which can be displayed in News Feed / News series news and what is not.

Features Notes / Notes added on August 22, 2006. In this feature the user can import his writings on other blogs (Xanga, LiveJournal, Blogger, etc.) to appear on Facebook. April 7, 2008, Facebook launched one of the favorite features is 'Chat / Chat', a place where users can send private messages to each other directly and in real time.

Features 'Gifts / Gift' begins on February 8, 2007. This feature is a feature for exchanging gifts. 'Gift' can be purchased for $ 1 and add a personal message. Dated May 14, 2007, Facebook introduced the 'Marketplace' which allows users to advertise for free. Features of this free advertising is made to compete with similar features introduced by Craigslist.

July 2008, Facebook adjusted so that the site's appearance each category (wall, info, photos, etc.) have separate tabs. Began in March 2009, Facebook tidy appearance "Home / Home".


On May 24, 2007, promoting Facebook Facebook Platform. This is a tool for software developers to create applications that can be used on Facebook. This move immediately welcomed by the software developers so until March 25, 2009 recorded that there were 52,000 applications by as many as 660,000 of the developer.

Negative developments

    * In December 2008, the Supreme Court of Australia decided to use the user data Facebook as one of the bases in determining the decision of the case.
    * University of New Mexico in October 2005 to block access to Facebook in a network site Facebook with the excuse is not a support site campus. The Provincial Government of Ontario, Canada is also blocking access to Facebook with a similar reason.
    * Some countries till now still banned Facebook access to their citizens. Syrian government banned access to Facebook on the grounds of this site will be used by Israel to expand its influence. The Iranian government is also blocking Facebook for fear that the media will be used by the opposition to mobilize its network.
    * On February 5, 2008, a citizen of Morocco, Fouad Mourtada, was arrested by local police for making a false profile of Prince Moulay Rachid's name, which is one of the Moroccan royal family members.
    * A number of users who want to get out of the Facebook network to complain difficulties in deleting the profile. This happens because before Facebook only allows users to simply just deaktivasi while personal data remains stored in the Facebook servers. This policy has been criticized by users who wish to actually delete all the data. Responded, Facebook and change the policy on February 29, 2008 that since then the user who wants out can request personal data to be removed completely from the Facebook network.
    * In 2004, ConnectU, a site similar to Facebook, make legal claims to Zuckerberg for alleged plagiarism of creative ideas and source code. The founders of ConnectU (Divya Narendra, Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss) which is Zuckerberg classmates at Harvard believe that the basic concept is the idea of their Facebook and Zuckerberg was hired to those who designed them.
    * A Canadian citizen, Adam Guerbuez, never use the Facebook site to advertise penis enlargement products and the use of marijuana. Facebook party then sued in local court Guerbuez and won the lawsuit.
    * On July 24, 2008, Grant Raphael, a British citizen being dragged into the green table on charges of making false profiles blasphemous contents former business partner, Mattew Firsht, as a homosexual.
    * Famous Italian footballer, Alessandro Del Piero on Facebook sued February 9, 2009 because it contains a fake profile of him that contains links to various sites of Nazi propaganda. Del Piero then declared that he was not a Nazi supporter and did not have any account on Facebook.

Despite the controversy over no denying that Facebook fever was endemic in the whole world. So depending on your own now use Facebook for what purpose by considering the risks that accompany it.

When we read the trip, Mark Zuckerberg is always trying to reach the hopes and dreams with hard work. Hard Work is the willingness or desire to realize dreams and hopes for success that makes us superior to others (read the posting Perfection vs. Excellence). Therefore in this article the author calls the same let us make that work is our energy.

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