How to know a married man

1. SPEND Married RINGS This marks the most stale. When you see the wedding ring he had, ignore your feelings. After all, friendship can be fostered with anyone. 2. Tend Matching In men who are married, he usually looks more organized and matched in terms of dress. Because he already has people who care. 3. KNOW Männer A married man knew how to make a way to offer yourself to pick up, pay for dinner, and even make women feel flattered, and honored because it was trained. 4. Did not introduce his friend Since known until now, you have never been introduced to his friends. Whenever you ask a friend of his day, he will confess forget. 5. NO WEEKEND He always had a reason to not go with you on weekends. Try to call at the end of the week at 10.00. If she answers the phone, his voice uncharacteristically. 6. PHONE STYLE FLAT You find him answering the phone with fragmentary sentences and flat, unlike when he received a call from a friend or you. Typically, this style of communication occurs in couples who had long since married, does not need further ado. 7. DOING REGULAR PHONE He will receive and send SMS or call at lunchtime, including when with you. When the phone she would move away or lowered her voice. Discussion is usually short, less than two minutes. 8. HOME PHONE NO She always dodged if you ask for her number. Grant is very dangerous, especially if he really loves his wife and children, and never thought to leave the family "just" for you. 9. Rarely mention NAME He rarely mention your name, and more often called by the title or the other honey. This call is safe and will not make one call when with his wife. 10. PRAISE YOU OFTEN There are made diligent gave praise. Do not always take crap. It may be that he was praised, including for things that never met his wife. 11. HOME BEFORE MIDNIGHT Almost every day you go alone with her, but rarely spent time together at midnight. Despite being busy talking, he'll take you home with a variety of reasons. LAZY CHAPTER STATUS Every time you ask about his status, he would avoid as argued, the importance he loved you.

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