How to get rid of the smell in shoes

1. If the shoes can smell the bleach wash and given, use it to wash pmutih. If the shoe color and can not be bleached, use a mixture of detergent and baking soda to wash the shoes. If you wash with the machine, use the spin machine to wash the shoes tightly.

2. For shoes that can not be washed, sprinkle baby powder in the shoe department to remove the smell. Namu to remember, sprinkle the powder was 24 hours before you wear shoes. This is useful iu untukk absorb smell in the shoes that will be used.

3. When the smell of the shoe was lost, now you have to do is to prevent the odor comes back. Keep the inside of the shoes were protected from moisture. Use silica gel as a shoe store in order to stay dry inside.

4. You can also use deodorant on the shoes, or sprayed with fragrance after use.

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