How To Work Pagerank on a web / blog

Many of my attention and a walk to the other blogs, they very happy if the web or blog got PR. Likewise with my blog, but unfortunately I still N / A. And for posting I will now tell you a little about the page rank, after I walk to the blog and find out what page rank is??. Page rank is an algorithm that has been patented that serves as an indicator of where the web is more important and the most popular. Which is the main feature and google search engine created by its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin is a PHD student at Stanford University.

A site will be increasingly recognized by search engines if many other sites that put the link to its site., With the assumption that the site content is more useful to the content on other sites. PR is calculated with a scale of 1-10. By counting inbound links (incoming link) and outbound The approach used is a page will be considered important if other pages have a link to that page. a page will also be increasingly important if there are other pages with high PR refers to the page. How does the algorithm

And one was published

PR (A)   : Pagerank page A
PR (T1) : T1 Pagerank pages that refer Poda halama Page rank A

C (T1)   : The number of outgoing links on page T1

d           : Damping factor that could give 0 and 1
 This is one of many but in my opinion inbound links outbound links with one of the most highly influential factors for improving relations. But we also need to know how to make a quality outbound links. Usually by commenting on the same theme or relevant sites, but'd heard from neighbors said PR would be deleted from the google. What is not true ..??

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