What is BLog??

Blog is short for Webblog. Which is basically a website with special features, the latest writings in the top. Following the format of diary (diary) online or journals are made by date. But now many blogs that also talked about personal reflection or opinion on an issue.

Another feature of the blog is easy to add new content. This is what distinguishes a normal website, which is relatively difficult and complicated for the update because of technical problems hindered. In the blog, adding new content very easy because no need of technical knowledge. Publishing blog content more easily because you have prepared the facility for that. With blogs one can publish content on a regular basis, even a few articles per day.

In broad outline with blogging you can convey an idea or your idea and spread to your friends, your relatives or people you do not know. Blogs became a means to exchange ideas and foster the relationship between human beings with one another. Even become a community for the bloger own.

Not only that blogs can also be to generate money in the form of dollars, or dollar. So far, so many methods that can be used and not a few people who make money by blogging. To create a blog is not difficult, because it has many services that provide free blogs. Among other famous WordPress, Bloger, Multiply, Blogsome, and much more. by making a free service to create a blog domain then you will like this "http://example.blogspot.com" on bloger, or by wordpress "http://yourname.wordpress.com", as well as on other free services.

But can also, if you want to look professional or "bona fide" by buying the service provider's domain name domain, so that your site becomes "http://namadomainanda.com". For pricing problem please search google yourself with the machine.

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