Honda FCX clarity cars with hydrogen energy

Wow! While walking on the internet see the video Britney Spears as a sexy ass Seeing the clothes are tucked among the bikini bottom half. I Accidentally Seeing a car with hydrogen energy produced by Honda, whose name Honda FCX Clarity. Surely you did not know how to look for Britney Spears When there is a site that appears Honda FCX clarity in the search field. It appears obvious because I write the word "Britney Spears is Our Energy" There is a car with hydrogen energy.
Confused? certainly not .. because there are related words. What attracted me was not because the car but the energy used by the Honda FCX Clarity. It turned out that was produced outside of hydro energy, after we missed the energy biofuels car then came back with hydro energy. But anyway I do not want to discuss that issue, perhaps with a post can inspire thoughts of Indonesian society to innovate to find solutions in any way as long as not violating the rules and norms that exist. Now it's time to see a car with hydrogen energy produced by Honda.

Cool right ... want to know more about cars with hydrogen energy. Honda FCX Clarity has not marketed in Indonesia, how will be marketed in Indonesia will fill the tank what energy use. Honda FCX Clarity in production in 2008 is available out in America only in the city of Los Angeles, and California because the city's 16 gas stations available hydro energy. Honda FCX Clarity plan started in mass production by 2020.

Design front and rear cabin which is a dynamic and futuristic design for the standard model sedan in the next century. If it is often follows the development of production cars honda would have seen its evolution. Cars with hydrogen energy is on the hood and trunk made of aluminum material, also on the front and rear subframe to improve aerodynamics. While in the interior of the setting is very comfortable, modern and elegant look to the 3D display screen of the complete measuring color changes when you drive. Change the colors on the screen based on the change in energy consumption of hydrogen in the vehicle, when consumption is high, the ball on a screen measuring evolved and changed color to yellow. And if consumption is reduced, the ball on estimator to blue screen again. Security in terms of driving a car with hydrogen energy is supplied with 6 airbags and has passed the safety standards of the U.S. federal safety standards. Honda is also working towards a future where car owners can fuel right in your own garage using the Home Energy Station.
Honda is also working toward a future where you may be able to fuel up right in your own garage using a Home Energy Station.We all know that hydrogen energy can be used as energy for the vehicle. Just why the problem hampered the development of technology. Because many people concerned about the impact that occurred in the use of hydrogen energy. We all know that hydrogen energy has a yield of greater than gasoline. For that in producing cars with hydrogen energy, the plant had figured Honda would be the security of this use of hydrogen energy. Equipped with sensors that spread throughout the vehicle to give a warning if there is leakage. Of the notice to enable the driver to stay ventilation systems to close the main valve automatic distribution of hydrogen in order to isolate the incoming flow of electricity. in the event of collision or the collision point main valve automatically closes to prevent flow of electricity. Thats cool right ..?? Calm wrote marketed in the year 2020, there was a chance for saving money, so I'll work diligently to quickly accumulate money to buy the Honda FCX Clarity.

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Anonymous said...

beeeh klo yg bgini kapan nyampenya di indo yaa..??
trus klo dirupiahkan brapaan.. heheheheeee

Indonesia Java International Destination said...

thats very cool in the future we dont haveto worry about energy and the affect for environment

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