Welcoming the new year 2010 with a new Energy

At the first  Blog is Our Energy has always supported the slogan Hard work is our energy  want to say Happy New Year to welcome the arrival of 2010, has a lot of mistakes and the good we have done in 2009 this year. In welcoming the new year come 2010 we will start with a new energy to achieve desires and expectations that have not been achieved, I hope at the end of the year we will reflect on our actions during the year 2009.
So we know what we should do in the Year 2010. Instill hope and ambition in mind to develop positive energy to us all and also invest slogan the hard work is the our energy. In the end of this year I have been thinking that the year 2010. I would like to get a woman who really loved me besides my mother. During the year 2009 I was not able to get the woman I want, because the energy is exhausted and my mind to finish my college degree. Hopefully with this reflection will add new energy in me to achieve all that have not been achieved in the year 2009. Love is always adding new energy to ourselves to do all that we want to accomplish, while sometimes love is blind, love does not know that anyone, but I let the answering time by continuing to instill the love hope to cultivate positive energy on me, also to improve motivation on me. Sometimes it always comes a longing in my heart to see the woman I loved, but I finally have a way how to remove these longings. by storing the photographs he had on my computer. And by placing her photographs on my desktop, can provide extra motivation and energy on me. With a happy heart and happy, and the slogan hard work is our energy, accompanied by feelings of joy when I saw the blog is Our energy has a PR2. But it's not fair for me when I was sharing a story about me, but I do not share the pictures that adds energy to me. For that I want to show a collection that adds a new motivation and energy to me in the year 2009. Hopefully pleased.

How do you think?? Any assessment of you against him, for me she is my energy, because she is a woman I love. She can provide extra motivation and energy on me.
Oops! I forgot to add one more source of energy and my motivation. This one is a source of energy to maintain, care for and adding male side of me. I'm sure for the men would agree with my opinion about this woman. Who does not know him, with a sexy curve of her body even after having two children, but for me she is one of the women in this world that can add energy and self-motivation in men. You must be curious, take it easy .. I will share photographs that add to the energy and motivation to me, there's nothing to worry about Blog is Our energy with slogans supporting the hard work is our energy is always with an openness to share.
What do you think you'll agree with me??. These postings are only intermezzo, sometimes we need something or object to us to indulge ourselves as entertainment. just to simply add a new motivation and energy to us. Finally Blog is Our Energy  support the slogan  Hard work is our  energy  want to say Happy New Year to welcome 2010.

Good luck :)

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