How to quell jealousy

OCCASIONALLY jealous of the couple legitimate. There's a good idea to identify the size of a sense of normality, so that her relationship with the running healthy.
If it turns out the couple began uncomfortable, you should immediately perform corrective measures attitudes.Here are some tips and tricks, as reported by AskMen.

Every time it comes jealousy, write and give grades 1-10 at each reason he was saying. For example, the couple having an affair with her female colleagues rated 9 because you think it's outrageous actions, and so on.
Write down all the reasons why you are jealous. Do not let your anger had exploded when she heard the rumors about the affair which was only a figment Two minutes Silent for a moment about two minutes to calm your anger. Drag breath and remind yourself how you feel guilty at some time previously been blind him jealous. Try to calm down and think clearly so you can see the problem from a different perspective. Encourage yourself to challenge each point has been made in the above list with a more logical explanation. For example, he was late home from work for reasons of promotion. Do not involve other people Read back what you've written and focus on a logical explanation. Then, give the rankings again about how strong you now believe that the first suspicion or jealousy is true. Do not involve ranking friend at least until the behavior has reached 9 points. Sometimes the presence of others will only make your mind a mess. Repeat exercise However, if you are still out of control, repeat step by step exercises above. If you are the jealous type weight, it may take a little practice time. After that you will see a significant change and become a new person who no longer indulgence in excessive jealousy.

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