How to tell if he's your Soulmate

how to tell if he's your soulmate
Would you believe there is someone out there who are specially created for you? He was the soul mate that will make you whole. Rabbi Shmuley, XM Radio Channel host and author of Ten Conversations You Need to Have with Your Children to say, many people do not believe in soul mate (soulmate) for fear of being bound in a special commitment.
When soul mates are considered as a burden and difficult to achieve, Shmuley said, we must try hard to get it. "If you believe in a soul mate, you believe in love. You believe that love is something more than accidental or unexpected. This is something unique, special, and miraculous." Shmuley added, every person who is looking for love to listen to some of the following, as quoted
There's soul mate
The reason why we did not visit a soul mate because when looking for love, we are focused on criteria that are made about the "ideal partner". In fact, we should focus on "what we lack."
Shmuley says, "not a soul mate who will double you, but someone who fills your emptiness."
Soul mate does not require you to be anyone
With him, you do not need to prove themselves. "There's comfort can be felt immediately. You feel comfortable with all the shortcomings that he received as you are," says Shmuley.
Soul mate makes you honest with yourself
"As close to soul mates, you immediately feel like sharing a lot of things that even the very personal," Shmuley said.
To distinguish their soul mate with a just a friend, Shmuley said, you should use the following questions as an indicator:
Do I respect him?
When he hurt me, if he would ask for forgiveness?
Is he humble and not arrogant?
2. Is good heart?
3. Does he love children?
4. Was he generous? Not just about the wallet, but also for others.
Once you find your soul mate, Shmuley says, you will feel yourself completely. "Soul mate is someone with whom you feel disconnected. Not just physical proximity, but also emotional, even more than that. You feel one spirit, one soul," he said.

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