How to improve alexa Rank

Alexa rank is a system used to determine ranking of a website based on traffic or visitors. Alexa did a lot of use as a reference to compete on a blog, to see their ranking. The smaller the alexa rank us in the better, means that many visitors who come to our website or blog. And the scale after the 10-1 rank below the rank 1 million will change to a smaller 10 position the better, according to Alexa. Changes in alexa can we monitor with seoquake plugin for firefox users or can also install alexa widget on our blog.

There are several ways that I knew from the literature to increase the alexa rank. The first way is to install the alexa widget on our blog, perhaps by installing the alexa widget we can monitor the number of visitors, so we knew what had been added on our blog. The second way is to do a post on a regular basis every day. This third way is the most logical way of trying to bring the reader , the more traffic will get better right?
The third way to do it requires hard work, because hard work is our energy "kerja  keras adalah energi kita" to continue to build our blog with interesting content to many visitors.

Happy New Year ..:)

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