How to create Read More on my post

Changing the blog page to be shorter by displaying several posts at once, without consuming a lot of pages, so visitors do not feel tired when visiting your blog. We need to cut our article from the title to the paragraph into line with what we want, let me not take much space on your blog. And also a very long post will make the reader bored to read the articles others. but it can be prevented by taking just a few paragraphs that will appear on your blog page. And if readers are interested in staying clicking on read more to read more details about your post. Enter to Layout>Edit HTML and check the Expand widget. Find the code below.

or if you do not see try to search the code below

then after you find one of the script code that I have just pointed out above this, then delete the script code and replace it with script code below

Then save the template and stay over. if not managed well, a walk to the other blogs like this blog and that blog, or the blog over there also could help.
Good luck:)

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