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About Me: 

My name is Bagaskara Rooshardwiadi, born in Jakarta on 31 May 1983. I was the second of four children, my Big brother is a  Geo Perdana, my Little brother is Bayu Perkasa, and my youngest sister is an Citra Roosharmulyaningtyas. My parents Ir E Roosdiawan and Rr.Tri Harliah . My educational background is in the Geological Sciences Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia. I am among those who like to learn something from beginning to end, although learning blog is not the end of me, but it is one of my learning. When we talk about learning the word has a very broad sense, including our life is a learning if we want to think and reflect more deeply.    
About the Blog:
    Basics me to make a weblog is not much I can speak only basic HTML and CSS. First interested in bloging with the aim to follow in a contest held by one company in Indonesia, PT Pertamina. By following the conditions did not contest many only have a blog with 20 articles and self register directly on their site and follow the rules created with the theme "Hard Work is the our energy ". I do not expect it to win the most important contest for me was how I can start to learn to write on a site that we created or used in the call Blog.  And I think to follow the most important contest is to write articles according to the theme as much as possible and it is completely wrong, to attend a contest in the next we can write we also need to know the name to learn blog and learn Search Engine Optimization. If the calculated I started bloging on 4 December 2009 and began actively to "see and treat" my blog on 14 December 2009. So my conclusion is really new in the world of bloging, you can seen my blog with no specific theme. But that does not make me change my blog . I think a lot of content smoothly with a different theme that is not an obstacle for me to promote our blogs, just the opposite so we can have a much better choice than our own or other people to access our blog. In addition, it also provided facilities in the category or label. And I also see on another blog that I put on my blog roll as my reference, they are not fixed on a single theme. I will give examples of some blogs that are not fixed on a theme:
Although they are not familiar bloging but at least I'm not the only one. And excuse me if I was just too much for the problem was new to the world of bloging. Even if it is a wrong thing for me so I had to make a blog from the beginning to start again (actually I already have plans for it) only problem about that same time my mood:). And to start new, I'm looking guess what the theme is suitable for me. But it all depends on you later (mood at the time and feeling lazy).

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