How to Overcome Jealousy

Earnestly to understand why we live in this world, is the ultimate guide to overcoming jealousy.Usually, fat or thin is always the main topic of womanhood, who work together often berbodi sexy way, simply become an object of admiration and envy cause.
Meanwhile, in 6 basic needs of society, which somewhat questioned by the adam is "Mobility", from buying cars to drive, he who bad mobility, then it might be considered a loser. When in fact, no matter how you compare wealth, appearance or position, there will always be more to surpass, and shall forever never ending.
Ardilles, famous author once noted concurrently with the publisher details in his best-selling book that he had in a long time immersed in the suffering and discomfort that he recommend to readers is, "Find the measure of success itself".How to Overcome Jealousy-heart1): CHOOSE YOUR FIELD MasterPsychologist Sherlock Weir said: "When you can not stop the power to compare, try to recall the atmosphere of the past when victorious in the other areas and with these successful experiences to ease the resentment."If we can find areas where you can to look, so he can actively strengthen your relationship with these circles. A woman who is adept on horseback, because good technique is improved by following the professional horse-racing competition. In front of the competition, although could have emerged spontaneously envy, but at the same time also generate a better performance in racing. Look for special self, self confidence also increased.Find areas where you can excel, sometimes requires continuousexperimenting with errors. If we could find ourselves talents, and in the right place to develop to maximum, you and I are pretty much a genius in the positive thinking!
2) Investigate EDIT GROUPEconomic expert, Robert Frank argues: "If it had been bored into the poorest people on this street, then move to an area rather simple!" Although we are not able to suppress cognitive self, but has absolute freedom to choose friends, neighbors and co-workers. Consider which groups would participate, influence the object of envy or lawyer-idolaan us, but self-control in comparing with others is such a good method of modification.
Although the deal requires the group to change the price quite expensive, depends entirely on how you measure it. Let's say, if you are willing to spearhead the back (four parts?) In a football club was famous? Or as a reserve player in club football sepaka famous (in Dallas)? In Dallas football club, just maybe you will get also an invitation to the reception and get a seat that was important in the social upper class, but people who can assess the actual jelly (you) weighted or not.
3) FINDING PLACE IN THE ENVIRONMENT CULTURE MORE SMALLAlthough not easy to quickly move a job or looking for a house, you may be looking for some small cultural environment, found among groups of slang you want.
For example David Brooke, columnist for the New York Times took the U.S. as an example: "America is not a country with a strong draft class, more fundamentally, he was actually a collection of independent groups, each group in a centrum they like." Let's say, could include found extremist anti-global warming, measurable sports fan, or a jazz enthusiast and etc. in the environment to express themselves semenstinya not too difficult.
No matter your position of authority in there how, the groups would strengthen the concept of values and sense of togetherness you.Communication between small groups, small groups are also quite limited. A change of power, for people in virtually possibility is staggering, but to an outsider who examined from the outside, like a hiccup (jw: gulp-an) that did not mean. As a psychologist who like other people using his name as a reference psycho-test form, although few people will notice the name of whomever it.4) BETTER THAN CHICKEN HEAD AS AS cowsIn front there are 2 choices, one is a lawyer in the village, people in the community to know who you are, even the sign in front of your name on the door; or become one of the silent shareholder (empty) at a large consulting firm lawyers , then you will choose which one lives?Nothing is inevitable, many people are often in a small environment more could develop. Robert Frank gives an example of a friend who, despite his achievements as a teenager is not outstanding, the value is not able to take him into top schools (in town), was forced to switch to public schools in rural areas. No warning at the village school, he even like fish that get water, he finally accepted into a PT the famous. After the environment away from large, if the can with an innovative way or the lateral / berbalikan develop their own solution is unique, perhaps the fate of life since then is can be changed.5) has matured with ageKnowing this point is very important, it is also a guide the people to suppress envy. Survey proves, habits compare, will gradually decrease with age."When my mother was young, so envy of her female friends that". Sarah S. recalled. Until one day Sarah's mother is 60 years old revealed that his friendship with his old friends were becoming more and more like sisters, she had felt increased understanding of the soul of the mother. When women have surpassed the full maturity of energy, a tendency envy of fellow perempan will increasingly recede.6) create REAL SECURITY"Your eyes should Soroton diverted from other people, put the detector on your heart and check it carefully, seek attention keiri seeds in it, erase the old voices and past experience. Focus all your heart good to form a true sense of security on your personal and emotional! "Says Jennifer James in the book. Envy when to move, think first about whether you are new to the really important? Is just the target of your own? Can be achieved if the ability and your resources? He can help you escape out of the competition psychological, with head erect and sturdy step step toward your own life.7) authenticity UNDERSTAND LIFEThis is the ultimate guide complete with envy. Humans live in the world, has a passion and a sense of sentimental, they instinctively want to live a better life, could live with the more respected and honored.Precisely because human beings have imagination, in his little heart could grow sentimental feeling of love and hate, this is the emergence of locomotion envy. If a man can realize, that the people living in the world, the real goal is not for living a better, more respectable and honorable, but to return to the original identity / sacred, back to the basic nature of human nature.If we can recognize this, then the gain and loss in terms of material and the satisfaction of the passions and sense of sentimentality to be not so important anymore, so then can also reduce the impetus to remove the emergence of envy. Of course, the authenticity of the way through life to understanding restrained envy, can not easily be done by everyone, but if you really want is determined to overcome jealousy, but then he is an effective way, also the highest guidelines that can solve the problem envy.

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